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GSN safety watchmen
Over 25 years in business

Established history

Founded in 1998, GSN (Gardiennage Sécurité Navire) is the leading safety watchman service company located in the strategic Port of Marseille Fos in Southern France.

Throughout its 25 years as a service provider, GSN has been consistently recognized for delivering first-class customer service.

GSN is honored to represent the safety watchman service industry at the UMF (Sea and River Union of Marseille-Fos).

With a strong local presence, GSN supports and sponsors various local community groups in Martigues and the surrounding areas.

GSN safety watchmen

Experienced Leadership

Eric Quillien founded GSN over 25 years ago in order to build upon his extensive maritime operations experience.

Within the last two decades, Eric has overseen the dramatic growth of GSN and remains a familiar face around the Port of Marseille Fos.

Since its inception, GSN has always put its clients first and continually strived to go the extra mile for its partners.

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