Safety Watchman Service Location – Lavera

Lavera Port (Western Harbours, Marseille-Fos Port) – Key Information

Lavera Port is an important port serving the Lavera refinery, which is considered the largest refinery in Southern France (able to process 210,000 barrels per day).

Lavera Port can accommodate refinery products and the discharge of oil tankers. Each berth has flexible pipe connections, with articulated metal arms, supported by special cranes. The type of pipework depends on the product handled (crude or refined) and is connected to the storage tanks of CFR, Shell, SFP–BP Lavera Refinery, and the maritime terminal of SPLSE.

Lavera Port (Western Harbor, Marseille-Fos Port) – Safety Watchman Services

GSN is proud to work as a safety watchman service in Lavera Port.

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Lavera Port (MARSEILLE-FOS) Location