Safety Watchman Service Location – Berre Port

Berre Port (Western Harbours, Marseille-Fos Port) – Key Information

Berre Port (also called Port de la Pointe à Berre ) is a smaller port, located in the Etang de Berre, near to Port de Bouc.

The location is a subport of the wider Marseille-Fos Port. Berre Port is an operational port for chemical and petroleum products. This terminal can accommodate nearly 100 vessels per year.
It is also the departure site for convoys carrying parts belonging to the ITER project to the Cadarache construction site.

Berre Port (Western Harbours, Marseille-Fos Port) – Safety Watchman Services

GSN is proud to work as a safety watchman service in Berre Port.

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Berre Port (MARSEILLE-FOS) Location