Safety Watchman Service Location – Fos Industrial Port

Fos Industrial Port (Western Harbours, Marseille-Fos Port) – Key Information

The industrial port area in Fos-sur-Mer is one of the largest industrial port areas in Europe, constructed in 1964 around the Gulf of Fos. Historically a major petrochemical port, Fos Industrial Port has now diversified into container cargo, and other areas of shipping.

Fos Industrial Port is home to some of the largest companies in the steel, energy, and petrochemical industries. The port industrial area includes 2 LNG terminals, 2 refineries within the perimeter (Inéos and Esso), and 2 others (in France and Switzerland) that are supplied with crude oil from Fos by pipeline.

Fos Industrial Port Safety Watchman Services

GSN is proud to work as a safety watchman service in Fos Industrial Port.

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Fos Industrial Port (MARSEILLE-FOS) Location